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Mission: To connect  healthcare leaders from across the Portland Metropolitan area, with the goal of developing skills in the areas of quality and safety improvement in healthcare.


Insurance Exchange Educational Presentation and Panel

November 21st, 2013

Uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act escalated after the rocky rollout of the federal health insurance exchange, healthcare.gov, and the emerging concern that people are at risk of losing coverage under their existing plans. Yet, as Dr. Neal Wallace put it, “You can’t report on the one car crash that happened last night without also reporting on how many people made it home safely”. Cover Oregon, our state’s health insurance exchange, “made it home”, and could be a model for our nation to learn from.

How did Oregon compare in launching coveroregon.com, our state’s insurance exchange? What is Oregon doing to improve consumers’ experiences as they compare, purchase and utilize health insurance? These questions and more were answered during an event sponsored by the PSU & OHSU Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Chapter. On Thursday, November 21st, a lively audience gathered in PSU’s Smith Hall to have an opportunity to ask their questions to a panel representing various stakeholders who are impacted by Cover Oregon. Sitting on the panel was: John Duke, MBA, Clinic and Health Services Director at Outside In; Jonah Kushner, a representative from Cover Oregon; Amy Cooper, MPH, a health care consumer and small business owner; and, Dr. Neal Wallace, PhD, professor of health economics and policy at PSU. Betsey Thielman, another Cover Oregon representative also participated by giving a brief, consumer-friendly presentation explaining the basics of the insurance exchange.

If you were unable to attend or live stream the event, a video recording is available in the archive. Check our calendar to learn more about how you can join the movement to improve the future of health care.

Additionally, if you or someone you know would like assistance navigating Cover Oregon to find quality and affordable health insurance, attend an upcoming Cover Oregon Application Fair. Details at http://www.coveroregon.com/discover/meetings